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Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships Book Testimonies


Excellent resource for educators!

"Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships" by Derrick Campbell is a great resource for anyone working in a school setting, especially teachers. I grew up in a town of 2,000 people, 99% were white. This book opened my eyes to what seems to be a growing problem of students (as well as teachers) of different races not being treated equally. I agree that servant leadership requires self-mastery before organizational achievement is possible. Further I agree that personal mastery is a process that will enable someone, a teacher in this case, to change strategies to the one appropriate and necessary to make it though the situation at hand. I think the Ethical Decision-Making Process looks like a fantastic resource. It asks many thought-provoking questions that I believe, if answered honestly, would lead a teacher to the best possible situation outcome. I am glad this book addressed substitute teachers who should also be informed of how these positive relationships can be improved and applied in the various classroom settings they will interact in as well. This is a great resource that I would encourage all teachers everywhere to read.

S. Clayton


Fantastic resource for teachers, administrators

Derrick Campbell's "Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships" is a treasure box of knowledge for anyone involved in today's education system. Mr. Campbell's personal experiences at Sunny Shade High School have helped him write this dissertation, and they help form the narrative of the book alongside all of the statistics and data.

I was particularly impressed with Dr. Campbell's usage of specific instances where his work created a positive environment. For instance, he talks about a teacher who sat down with a student who had been assigned detention. After discussing the matter, the teacher realized that he/she had been wrong in assigning the detention, and they resolved the issue by talking through it. If only every teacher-student interaction could be resolved in this manner!

All in all, a very impressive piece of work and a must-have in the classroom.

Laura Wheeler


Good for Anyone in the Education Field

As a product of public schooling, I personally didn't see any problems with student-teacher relationships due to race. I know it exists from being a volunteer when my own children were in public school. I believe everyone from the cafeteria workers to the principal can benefit from "Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships".

Dr. Campbell's ability to use his own experiences is a great asset to helping the reader relate to what he is trying to accomplish. I applaud his efforts to get teachers to see that their efforts to work together to accomplish a positive environment rather than being uncooperative among each other is more beneficial to our educational system as well. If there are racial issues among the staff, there is certain to be even more among the students and in the teacher-student interactions.

I believe Dr. Campbell's book embraces much more than just racial issues among students and teachers and highly recommend it to parents as well as any educational staff member. Getting a different perspective on a situation is always beneficial.

Shawneepaints (Texarkana, TX)


Anyone involved in education needs to read this book

I believe "Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships" by Dr. Derrick L. Campbell is an excellent book that illustrates the importance of positive relationships between white teachers and Hispanic and black students. As a former educator, I fully understand Dr. Campbell's insight, explanation and solutions to the problems that arise from cultural differences and the effect they have on the achievement of many of the students.

Dr. Campbell provides definitive studies and research theories to substantiate his beliefs. He offers answers to the problems that have existed for decades both in interracial interactions and between teachers and students in general. To teach all students effectively, teachers must learn to decrease discipline and create an atmosphere of learning for all students.

I highly recommend this book to anyone involved in education.

Theresa Hurley

Great for ALL Teachers

Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships by Derrick L. Campbell

The challenges of being an educator have greatly increased over time. There are numerous aspects to consider in achieving the best education for all students. Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships by Derrick L. Campbell is an excellent source for strengthening the relationships between educators and their students of different races. Also, many of the principles discussed could relate too many of the problems found with all student/teacher relationships. The author shows with extensive research and studies ways to promote a better educational environment and reduced disciple. The students responded with positive behaviors. Any teacher would benefit by reading this book and applying it to his or her classroom. It is well written, easy to follow and the author backs up all his claims. I also liked that he included room at the back to take notes and jot down answers to questions he presents.

Jennifer S

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