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Law Enforcement Cultural Relationship Training Program TM

Law enforcement personnel have the unique task of enforcing the law, protecting property and the rights of people, and reducing civil disorder. In some cases citizens may feel that law enforcement personnel violate their rights due to differences in ethnicity and culture. When members of the community feel misunderstood their confidence in law enforcements’ willingness to meet their needs may be severely diminished. Unfortunately, this can negatively impact relationships between law enforcement personnel and members of the community resulting in members of the community refusing to report crimes and provide vital information for solving crimes. The Law Enforcement Cultural Relationship Training Program is a companion to the Cultural Relationship Training Program TM


Law enforcement agencies that employ the program will benefit from developing a positive image in the eyes of the public. The community will feel that it is getting better service, which will result in reduced tension between law enforcement and specific cultural groups therefore ensuring compliance with the letter and spirit of the law. Officers will benefit from increased community support, which will enhance officer safety and a greater sense of ethical satisfaction. Law enforcement agencies will also experience benefits such as:


     ♦     Reduced racial profiling allegations

     ♦     Reduced possible lawsuits

     ♦     Reduction in cultural challenges in the workplace

     ♦     Reduction in the after effects of civil disorder challenges that arise between law enforcement personnel and community members


We also offer the Law Enforcement Cultural Relationship Training Program Workshop

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