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Law Enforcement Cultural Training Workshop



Positive law enforcement-community relationships are the cornerstone of any productive community. When there are minimal differences in law enforcement-community cultural values it creates a synergy between the two that results in lower crime rates. However, when there is a clash due to cultural differences the results are detrimental. For example, community members may refuse to report crimes and/or be reluctant to provide information vital to solving crimes.



DLC Consultant Group Law Enforcement Cultural Relationship Training Program is designed to address the negative impact that cultural clashes between law enforcement personnel and the community has on the community as well as law enforcement. Our program equips law enforcement personnel to overcome those differences in values by increasing cultural competency. The end result is reduced racial profiling allegations, reduced lawsuits, reduction in cultural challenges in the workplace, and reduction in the after effects of civil disorder challenges.



Program outline:


  The curriculum for the workshop comes from the book “Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationships.” The Workshop is divided into the following modules.  


PHASE 1 –Law Enforcement-Community Analysis


PHASE 1 focuses on using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to evaluate factors that contribute to the causes and effects. A completed analysis will provide the necessary information needed to begin the transformation as well as increase the credibility of the initiative.



  PHASE 2 -Team Building  

PHASE 2 focuses on implementing a collaborative process, which ensures that a law enforcement team is joined together with the central focus of solving and overcoming the challenge. This process ensures that any undermining of the transformation is minimized so that efforts by the team effectively transform the community to attain the desired results.



PHASE 3 –Transformation


PHASE 3 focuses on law enforcement personnel learning how to overcome community and individual cultural values that often neutralize the development of positive cultural relationships between law enforcement personnel and the community.



Space requirements /Class size / Duration of training:


The Law Enforcement Cultural Relationship Training Program Workshop is conducted in a multipurpose room where participants can view presentations, use computers, and also be able to engage in group exercise. Participants will need computers that contain the SSPS statistical software package.



The Workshop is targeted for up to 10 participants per session.



The Workshop is presented in one or two day sessions.


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