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  Cultural Relationship Training Program TM

Many administrators and teachers come from different economic and cultural backgrounds than the majority of the students in their school. These differences have caused many cultural challenges which results in low student achievement, high disciplinary infractions, and high special education referrals for historically underserved students.

While much of the diversity training implemented in public schools focuses on superficial aspects of culture, language inclusion, and community involvement, the Cultural Relationship Training Program TM is a scientifically researched-based program which has benefits for students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the community. The benefits include:

  • Students

    • Increased student achievement

    • Decreased in student involvement in disciplinary infractions

    • Decreased incidents of bullying

  • Parents

    • Decreased in visits to school regarding academic and/or disciplinary challenges

  • Teachers

    • Increased instructional time

    • Decreased classroom disciplinary infractions

  • Administrators

    • Decreased time for processing disciplinary infractions

    • Increased opportunities for instructional leadership

    • Decreased special education referrals

    • Increased student attendance

  • Community

    • Property value increases

    • Increase in business and school grants


We also offer the introductory Cultural Relationship Training workshop


Cultural Relationship Training Program Overview

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