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Communication Training & Development

Effective communication is the very lifeblood of any organization. If communication is not clear and persuasive between managers and employees, and between employees and customers, then other vital goals are forever out of reach. Say goodbye to your aspirations for successful leadership, teamwork, customer service, or even the ability to execute a coherent business strategy.

If you want to bring about meaningful improvements in communication skills, the best way to begin is to build a better understanding of personal communication styles and their effects on other people.

We use a communication assessment and supporting materials to provide practical and easy-to-use language that enables lasting insights into how to gain mastery over one's own communication behavior and how to interpret the behavior of others - in any situation.

The training starts with a self-assessment (a communication style inventory) that takes approximately ten minutes to complete. Individuals respond to different items relating to both verbal and nonverbal communication by selecting the statement ending that they believe best reflects their perceived communication behavior. Each response is scored, providing individuals with a total score for each of the four personal communication styles. The majority of individuals will show a clear preference for one of the styles, which is their Dominant Style. This communication style inventory is followed by an interpretation of scores, topic discussion, debriefing, and action planning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify a preference for one of four communication styles

  • Uncover the characteristics of each style

  • Discover how style affects communication

  • Learn how to "speed read" a person's communication style

  • Understand how to "flex" style for effective communication with others


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